cash turns five

friday september 27. cash’s 5th birthday.

we started the day off by devouring this delicious cake which i’m now calling blueberry birthday breakfast cake. we had it for my birthday back in april and simply loved it. i substituted the wheat flour for C4C, a gluten-free flour that makes GF baking super easy. i’m going to keep up the tradition. we won’t have long to wait with rumi’s 2nd birthday right around the corner.

the girls and i were invited to take part in cash’s birthday celebration at school. i really enjoyed going last year when he was in preschool so i looked forward to it again this year. the child wears a special crown and cape, the teacher lights candles, tells a story of the “rainbow bridge”(cash’s journey into the world) and we share a special snack. it’s very “waldorf” and i love it!

he laid there limp, non-responsive. a surge of feminine fear shivered through my body. a sensation that i’ve never felt before. “mother bear” is the only way i know how to describe it. primal, protective, every hair on my body was standing up, i thought he was dead. it was 4 o’clock on friday. the table was set, the cake was iced, everything was in place for a quiet family dinner and for cash to open his gifts.

cash had jumped off his dresser into a pile of balloons, bounced off, and landed on his face. i did the classic “shouldn’ts” in a moment of motherly panic and survival. i screamed, i picked him up, i shook him. i laid him back down realizing what i was doing was all wrong. he came back around and started screaming. i called tim who was on his way home from work to get advice, support, and to feel a little less alone. cash’s eyes were distant and rolling, he was having a hard time staying awake, and his body was still limp. i laid him in his bed and put a cold cloth on his head. 30 minutes later tim pulled up and we transferred cash into his truck. he barfed a few times in the truck before arriving at the hospital. they took him in right away and told tim the worst. cash could have possible bleeding to the brain and he may need a ct scan. the strategy was to monitor him for the next 4 hours to see if he improved or declined. about 2 hours later he started to improve, and was discharged later that evening. classic concussion. my boys first serious injury.

on sunday we celebrated with a few of cashs friends at a restaurant. we don’t eat out much as a whole family so it felt like a special treat. we chose rocky mountain flatbread co. it’s super kid-friendly and has a good selection of GF substitutions. cash was very clear on who he wanted to invite and requested that he and his friends sit at a different table. he invited his BF jude, his friend hannah, and his friend rachele. tim, ilya, rumi and i sat at the reject table. we then popped over a few blocks to menchies for some frozen yogurt. i couldn’t believe how packed it was for such a stormy night.


DSC_1665DSC_1663DSC_1679tomatoes / outside rocky mountain flatbread co. main st. / rumi blue at the reject table / birthday boy / cash + jude, BF’s / jude making his pizza / j’s finished pizza / beautiful ladies, hannah, and rachele / bugs! c + j playing with a new bday gift / menchies / “we make you smile” -yes you do! / ilya’s frozen yogurt / selection / sisters / papa bear.


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