odds + ends / photos from the past few months part 2

DSC_1206DSC_1237DSC_1193DSC_1210DSC_1214DSC_1216DSC_1220DSC_1222DSC_1225DSC_1230 DSC_1254DSC_1240DSC_1268DSC_1297DSC_1302DSC_1303DSC_1316DSC_1318DSC_1322

tim giving his skimboard skills a go while ilya runs after / “julie” freshly inked onto tim’s chest.  i’ve had his initials tattooed on me for years now, about time he did the same! / cash taking a turn on tim’s board / city view from spanish banks east / rumi enjoying the water on her toes / cousins playing / cousin colin taking a stroll on the beach / rumes doing her thing / auntie jen and cousin wesley / uncle dinky + tim + rumi / feeling alive at the beach.  picked up this cute bathing suit at joe fresh recently.  their kids line is always so cute and affordable / rumi getting dirty / vancouver aquarium, penguin march / marching / camping! at birkenhead lake.  [i felt quite disconnected from my camera and knew i would regret not having more photos later –which i am.  i forced myself to take a handful on day 2 of 7.  since our summer has been so dry we are in the midst of a fire ban. it was quite different camping without fire.  i am not a fan.  note to self: bring our hammock next year.]  tim cooking breakfast with his girls / sisters / cash built himself a slack line.  keeping himself busy before his BF arrived  / wet and dirty clothes hanging / bike pile.


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