catch up

with most things in my life, i start with good intentions which then fade away.

like this blog for example!

life has been happening.  here’s a quick catch up.

we took a day trip to the sunshine coast while friends of ours were visiting from ON.  close to a perfect day.  sunshine, beautiful 45 minute ferry ride, hike in the woods, beach time, gluten-free desserts, and of course, good company.

cash and i ran in the mini sun run back in april.  we took the sky train downtown early on a sunday morning.  tim came along with the girls and they cheered us on.  the whole experience put me well over the moon.  leading up to the race as cash and i got excited and tried to do some “training” as well as during the run, cash and i held  hands the whole 2.5km run!  i think i did that awkward laugh + cry thing as cash and i holding hands crossed the finish line.  i’m so encouraged to hone in on each of my kids.  to foster unique one-on-one experiences.

ilya turned 3.  my parents were here and we had a great lunch at edible.  it’s quickly become a new favourite for tim and i.  you can’t go wrong with a focus on sustainability + local/canadian made or grown product.

the neighbours in this area continue to shower us with love.  community for us has been changing shape and taking on new meaning.  our arms are open and the shower is refreshing.

DSC_1009DSC_1028DSC_1087DSC_1085DSC_0978DSC_0992DSC_0989DSC_0986DSC_1064ferry ride / my boy / people starting to gather at the start line of the mini sun run / cash and i having a moment before we ‘take off’ / mom enjoying herself at kits beach / dad taking it all in / cash and ilya getting along / rumi bird chasing / ilya + watermelon


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