this morning i couldn’t help but stare at you.  i was trying to fold laundry, a big pile of clean clothes on our bed, you jumping, landing in the pile, squealing with delight.  this usually bothers me.  i become protective of the clean laundry, knowing it is hard for me to finish the task.  clothes rarely find the drawer of their rightful owner.  i stopped and stared.  at first i took in every detail i could.  your green eyes, turning hazel, your red hair with soft curls, the army green waffle shirt you were wearing that once was your brothers.  i knew what was happening as i stared, my stare becoming more intense.  i was journeying down.  first seeing your physical, then i saw you as me at 2 1/2 – yet, having walked every step to get from 2 1/2 to 32. then i stepped aside and all i saw was your soul.  soul saw soul.  together we were absolute love, absolute purity, perfection, wholeness, independently and intertwined.  the present moment reigned.  there were no thoughts or questions of  “who are you,” “who will you become,” “who will break your heart,” “how will i protect you,” “will you love me in return.”  it felt so simple, real, and right.  it just was.  pure love.  i long for more moments like these.  xo.


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