this week: odds + ends

it seems we have traded in our old neighbour wanda for our new croatian neighbours tom and draga. instead of exchanging vegetables and jam through the back lane, we are now passing soup pots from deck to deck. drachma makes beautiful stock from scratch and shared a big pot with us. she has also been saving the bones and giving them to gus – lucky boy.  he sits on the back deck for hours and awaits the flying bones.

have been mulling over home schooling cash in the fall. may try and get to this meet up over the next few weeks.

i’ve decided to consciously cut back on my meat intake.  not labelling it as anything, making room for more vegetables and beans.

ilya has been crazy for lipstick since seeing me wear it.  i was experimenting the connection between lipstick and mood, especially on gray days here in vancouver.  i’ve been letting ilya wear this, which feels like a nice middle ground right now.  she can do it herself, doesn’t turn her face bright red, and i really like the all-purpose product.

rumi has some dandy molars breaking through which explains why she has been stuck on my hip, and the unpacking is slower than i had hoped. will get there.  slow and steady has been my mantra.

DSC_0895DSC_0920DSC_0896DSC_0912DSC_0906rumi and cash on our deck off the kitchen, come spring we will give it a good clean and re-stain, more like tim will / cash mixing colours / dirty hands / gus chewing on a bone from the neighbours / pants my friend gave me that she picked up in la, cute right? my new fave.


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