settling in

we are nicely settling into the squeaks and creaks of our new home.  the bathroom made an odd sound the other night.  cash wondered what it was and so did i.  “we’ll have to ask dad when he gets home from work,” my classic go-to line.  cause really i know nothing about anything.  i think i’m setting tim up to be a super hero in cash’s mind, i find myself saying that a lot “we’ll have to ask dad.”  all-powerful, all-knowing dad.

“what’s that sound?” tim asked me while i soaked in the tub a few days later.  “it’s the furnace” he said without waiting for my answer, which is good, because i didn’t have one.


3 thoughts on “settling in

  1. Hi Julie, We’re so happy everyone is getting accustomed to the new house. It’s always hard leaving familiar surroundings and people you know. Have you met any neighbours yet? It seemed like everyone could spread out a bit and have a little more space.

    We’re enjoying having Joy, Mike and Elijah here. Elijah is really growing. At this age they seem to change a little everyday. I’m sure you see that with Rumi also. We’ll talk soon. God bless you guys.


  2. yes, the neighbours have been very friendly and once summer hits i’m sure we’ll meet more people on our street.
    so lovely to have joy, mike, and elijah with you, enjoy your time together.

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