costa rica. just had a wave of costa. oh it was so lovely there. 
the sand, the sun, the sea. i think i could live all my days in 
that sweet spot of being warm. the perfect warmth, not to sweaty, 
not to clammy. it puts me to sleep like a child, helpless when being 
rocked by mama. mama singing a lullaby. the sun is my mama, rocking me, 
gently, whispering sweet nothings, or sweet somethings into my ear. 
somethings as in the biggest stuff i need to hear and should believe. 
i love you, i am proud of you, i accept you, you are worthy, you are liked, 
you are special, you are whole, you are beautiful, you are perfect. 
thank-you mama sunshine for your sweet sweet somethings.

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