“cool guy”

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. you make me happy, when skies are grey. you'll never 
know dear, how much i love you. so please don't take, my sunshine away.

it was a cold, wet, saturday afternoon. you stepped into the spaceship built by dad, 
build out of straws and stars. connectors of all colours, red, orange, green, yellow, blue. 
you were on a mission to go to australia, no, too hot, you changed your mind. africa instead.
you had your dollar store monster truck, your fischer price camera, your sense of adventure. 
the spaceship lifted off the ground with the help of the propeller overhead. you gave a wave 
and said, "i'll be home for dinner". you were back 30 seconds later.
you had a good trip, you saw lots, you took lots of pictures, it felt good to have you back.

at times the spaceship becomes your kitty cage, you pretend to be a cat. "cool guy" you told me 
to call you.
okay "cool guy" you are a "nice kitty" i said as i petted your head.
it was later that night, after dad put you to bed, you were alone in your room. you were moaning, 
or calling out, or who knows, maybe you were still pretending to be "cool guy". 
i would love to come inside your head, i would love to come with you on all your trips and adventures. 
the spaceship, the kitty cage. maybe, for now, while you are young, i do, and i will for a few more years.
when you are ready i know you will release me. but. you are my boy, and it's hard letting go.

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