we are a family of runaways 

tim as a boy mid-summer 
winter scarf around his neck
lead some kids
who knows where
doing who knows what

on my tricycle
solo trip
booked it to the felt boot
"downtown" new hamburg

it should be no surprise
one of our kids is on a streak

a couple of weeks ago
it was gus's third attempt

the first time
we had just moved in
the neighbour brought him back
we didn't even know he was gone

the second time
i found him over at the same neighbours
they have a little girl who thinks cash is also a little girl
i should tell her otherwise
i just don't want to break her heart

monday morning
woke up
all was good
feeding the kids breakfast
cruising along

i let gus outside to pee
as time went on there was no usual scratch at the door
i checked the side gate
it had been pushed open
i ran outside in the pouring rain
no shoes on
straight to the neighbours
no gus
cash had followed me into the front yard
like his mama
no shoes on

game time

went inside
called disbatch--tim was on his way

bundled the babes in rain gear
out we went to begin the search

tim made it home
he took cash in the car
and the boys began to circle the neighbourhood

i took ilya home
who was screaming
put her to bed


i put an ad on craigslist
got a call
a woman said she saw a posting
free 5 month old lab in langley
it had been flagged for removal
she wondered if there was any connection
not having any tags on him
that was my fear
people couldn't contact us if they found him

i anxiously looked online
what to do if your pet goes missing
one site recommended putting clothes outside
so that the dog could pick up our scent
i hung some of cash's clothes on the fence

2 hours later
not long after i put the clothes out
soaking wet
he returned

he returned!

holy freakin' crap
what a scare

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