“barf and puke”

we were able to get away this past weekend
i was hoping to squeeze in a little family vacay before the new babe came

friend of a friend
cabin on shuswap lake

we couldn't take gus along
he spent the time with tim's single friend pete
enjoying life and the ladies on the beaches of kitsalano

life seemed
without gus

must say
having a dog and kids is a nice combination
pro- gus eats all the food they throw on the floor
con- it adds an extra toddler to the family
it's a toss up

at one point i asked tim
"so, do you miss gus?"
"nope" he said
okey dokey..

on the drive home
stopped in Hope
grabbed a quick bite
white spot
burgers, fries, milkshakes
the kids went heavy and hard on the shakes

we started driving
cash said he was going to
"barf and puke"
he often says this
i often don't believe him

this time
he had that look in his eye

i started to move
as fast as i could
being 38 weeks pregnant
found a plastic bag with wipes and jammies
easy dump
looked in the bottom of the bag
didn't matter
passed cash the bag
he missed
"barf and puke" all down his lap and car seat

we really could have used gus
to help clean up the mess
would have saved us from doing it

maybe gussy's not so bad after all

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