feeling energized yesterday morning 
being the 27th 
i started straight away on cash's cupcakes
we haven't got groceries in a while 
figured i would use whatever i had around the house
kind of make it into a game

no eggs
no milk

started searching for a recipe
found one

i had all the ingredients
except the cupcake liners

i've used parchment paper before
for more of an "organic cupcake look"
well really 
because i was out of liners

didn't have parchment either

we ended up with a chocolate vegan cake
not as cute as cupcakes 
but just as tasty

much to celebrate 
cash turned 8 months 
he's crawling 
has two teeth 
and it's official we booked our 
tickets for our 2 month trip to costa rica 

cheers to cash
the soon to be international traveller

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