lynn valley

saturday morning the whole family went for a walk in lynn valley

it was a bit of a gong show to get there 
dc goobering in the back seat of our new car

cash screaming, bird in a cage, not always a fan of his car seat
he mellowed 
we all made it to the dog trails in one piece

cash strapped to my chest in a sling 
he fell asleep quickly

beautiful sunny day
still quite a bit of snow 
lots of other dogs on the trails 
felt like a real vancouverite
tramping through the snow in my gumboots

dc doing his thing
eating sticks
goobering on other dogs
made tim uneasy
"it's not contagious" i said
"it's cancer"

met  a nice fellow
he asked me how old he was
"four and a half" i said
"oh really" said the guy
sounding surprised
i chuckled as i clued in
"the babes almost four months"

i felt
that my dog was my first thought

had a nice time
ready to go back home
it's a bit of an up hill climb

dc made it to the top first
looked down at the rest of the family
tim about 3/4 of the way up
about 1/2 way

dc starts to head off the trail
into more of the wooded area
i see a creek below

no stopping him
he was moving fast
going down hill
tim yelling
he had a clear mission
it was not the creek
it was mud

he peeled through massive amounts of mud
ran right back up the stairs to join us
big pink floppy tongue hanging out

must have known we were going home
wanted to do a final lap

i stood there laughing
tim repeated the 'S' bomb

i'm so glad i know my dog
knew to bring a towel along

another day
another sweet memory

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