my best friend has cancer

most days i look deep into his eyes and tell him how sorry i am for what is happening
lump in my throat 
tears running down my face 

it's hard to talk about 
so i figure i'll write

his name is dc
his official name is mr. dog cooper peanut head 

he is our black labrador and we have had him since he was 8 weeks 
he is now 4 and a half

i am guessing that this blog may be more about my journey through "change" than cash himself 

cash is wonderful
more than i ever expected 
but he is a babe 
he eats, poops, smiles, and cries  
not much more to write about

i am also guessing that cash is the one that will help me through my journey and the changes that lie ahead
well, actually, i know this for a fact 
simply by the way in which he entered the world 

enough for now
cash is in bed

i figure this is a good time to go look deep into dc's eyes 
to tell him how sorry i am 
and how much i love him

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